Museum Monday: Object Stories – #BLOG365 Day 60

I have written a few times about using object stories in the classroom. Most recently in this blog post for ASCD Inservice. One of my favorite apps to do this with is Voicethread. There are plenty of apps (Chatterpix and Explain Everything), but I like Voicethread because it allows people to comment on the object … Continue reading Museum Monday: Object Stories – #BLOG365 Day 60

Risk Taking – It’s Time to Be Scared – #BLOG365 Day 59

I was at a social studies conference this weekend and I picked up a vendor giveaway with this quote on it. It's one of those quotes I have seen frequently and always forget about. Lately, I have been thinking about risk taking as it pertains to our practice as educators. Each day we ask our … Continue reading Risk Taking – It’s Time to Be Scared – #BLOG365 Day 59

Lead Like a Lollipop! – #BLOG365 Day 56 Candy and leadership chats. What could be more fun right before Halloween? I love this TED Talk on leadership and unleashing the inner leader in all of us. Today we are hosting a Teacher Academy meeting at our school and the theme is leadership. More often than not, when I think of leadership I … Continue reading Lead Like a Lollipop! – #BLOG365 Day 56

Boo! Grades! -#BLOG365 Day 55   The scariest thing this October isn't the spooky Halloween costumes or frightful decorations. It's not haunted houses or zombies. It's our grading culture. The Wicked Witch of Education! Look, there's been a lot of research on grading and grading systems. Despite the fact that these studies show grades actually demotivate students, we continue … Continue reading Boo! Grades! -#BLOG365 Day 55