I Don’t Want to Forget – #BLOG365 Day 52

The day we got you. With our last $150 in cash. We were broke and newly married. Our luck turned around after you adopted us.

Daddy taking you into the shower with him for baths.

How much you loved to walk. Tugging and pulling and sniffing everything.

Having to buy a real mailbox because you tore into the mail when the mailman put it in the mail slot in the door. God, you hated him.

Your perch on the couch where you waited for us to come home. Your little head poking through the curtains.

Visiting Santa Claus at PetSmart.

Your “baptism” right before the baby was born.

The way you barked and paced the second baby boy began stirring in his bassinet. He didn’t have time to cry. You had already alerted us all.

How your 12 lb body somehow took up the entire king size bed.

Happily playing in the playpen with your brother. Cooped up in there with an almost one year old dancing to the music coming from a toy.

The way you loved the holidays. Your stocking, the presents. Gnawing on your new goodies under the coffee table after the rush of gift opening.

Following behind your brother when he toddled and was learning to walk. You were always right there with him.

Licking the baby’s hand clean of icing when he smashed his first birthday cake.

How adorable you were after all your trips to the groomers with new bandannas every time.

Chasing after little man when he had a wild rumpus in the living room in his Max costume around a candle (fire).

You cuddled up on your pillow in the living room.

The way you played and played and played with the new kitty.

Your head peeking over the dining room table to see what the Easter Bunny brought each year.

Your beard. And all the trouble to keep it clean and brushed. And your fluffy tail we refused to clip.

I don’t ever want to forget any of these happy memories. We will do whatever we can to remember these memories over the ones we have of you in the last year, when we watched our fur baby crumbling.

We will always miss you sweet Dobby.



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