Me on the Map: Networked Educators – #BLOG365 #IMMOOC Day 50

So, I am still struggling with teacher empowerment, looking for inventive ways to inspire sharing and unleash the inner teacher leader in others. I read this blog post today, Why Even the Worst Bloggers Are Making Us Smarter. In it, the author¬†writes "we do not work in a sealed-off, Rodin¬†Thinker fashion." I'm also reminded of … Continue reading Me on the Map: Networked Educators – #BLOG365 #IMMOOC Day 50

In Pursuit of Mastery – #BLOG365 Day 47 #IMMOOC This video has been floating around Twitter lately. Its a few years old, but reminds me of how important it is to revisit the idea of mastery each day in our classrooms and with our students. A lot of our kids struggle with this idea of mastery. It requires reflection, evaluation, revision, transfer of … Continue reading In Pursuit of Mastery – #BLOG365 Day 47 #IMMOOC

What’s Your Story? – #BLOG365 Day 41   I am under the weather today, but I figured I would take this chance to share one of my favorite TED Talks. I think this talk has implications for us as educators and educational leaders as we think about our interactions with students and faculty. Our stories matter and each of us is … Continue reading What’s Your Story? – #BLOG365 Day 41