Leading and Learning at #ASCD #Empower18 – @ASCDconf @ASCD #ASCDEmpower18 #seeyouinBoston

If you were to glance at my bookshelf, one thing may stand out to you. On the spines of almost every book on my shelf you will find that the majority of the titles are published by one organization, ASCD. This would not have been the case a few years ago. Sure, I had a … Continue reading Leading and Learning at #ASCD #Empower18 – @ASCDconf @ASCD #ASCDEmpower18 #seeyouinBoston

Innovation Kitchen: What’s Cooking? – #NAISAC @NAISNetwork #TMILearns @TMIEpiscopal

I've never seen myself as a mountain climber, but after yesterday's Innovation Kitchen session at the NAIS Annual Conference, I am reconsidering. I love the metaphor of a school's journey to innovation as a climb up a Magnetic Mountain, a series of day hikes, ascents and descents, and summits of innovation. All the while, the … Continue reading Innovation Kitchen: What’s Cooking? – #NAISAC @NAISNetwork #TMILearns @TMIEpiscopal

The T in STEM Doesn’t Stand for Theater – #BLOG365 Day 8

Jill Cross

I had another post scheduled for today. But,  I saw this ad from Wells Fargo over the weekend and I felt I had to write about it. Wells Fargo was quick to issue an apology after the outcry on social media. They were also quick to point out that they have donated $93 million to the arts over the years. But, this one ad may have diminished their support in one fell swoop.


I am insulted. I am saddened. I am confused.

The ad seems to imply that children can only dream of being actors and ballerinas as youngsters, but as you grow up you need to gravitate towards a more realistic job like botanist or engineer. Having pursued both undergraduate and graduate degrees in the arts, I am insulted. I pursued my passions after a lot of deliberation. I struggled over my decision to get my degree in humanities as…

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Setting Conference Intentions @TMIEpiscopal #TMILearns #NAISAC @NAISnetwork

I'll admit it. I am a conference fanatic. So, when our Headmaster sent me an email to save the date for the National Association of Independent Schools Annual Conference, I wasn't about to say no to that. Besides being excited about the fried chicken at Sweet Georgia's Juke Joint and the fact that I will … Continue reading Setting Conference Intentions @TMIEpiscopal #TMILearns #NAISAC @NAISnetwork