Join Me in the Cloud: Guest Post by @alice_bilbrey – @TeachToLead #TTLNetwork #TTLSummit #TMILearns

Guest post by Alice Bilbrey I've been a long-time user of Google Docs and Google Classroom as a part of my teaching practice, so I was thrilled when I received the go-ahead from TMI to open up a Google Classroom for my AP English Language and Composition course. I explained to my juniors that a … Continue reading Join Me in the Cloud: Guest Post by @alice_bilbrey – @TeachToLead #TTLNetwork #TTLSummit #TMILearns

Oh, #Homework… – #BLOG365 Day 131 #edchat #hacklearning

  Oh homework, how we loathe you in my house. You take us away from family time and dinner conversations and walks around the neighborhood and play time and even recreational reading time. You invade car rides and take away sleep. You diminish social time with friends. You make us question participation in Boy Scouts … Continue reading Oh, #Homework… – #BLOG365 Day 131 #edchat #hacklearning

#whereissasha Our Exam Crazed System – #BLOG365 Day 124

No surprise I am anti-exams. Exams don't give us a clear picture of student understanding. They don't prepare students for 21st century careers. They cause anxiety for our students. They encourage low level thinking and regurgitation. They don't encourage collaboration or creativity. Last night #whereissasha blew up on social media. The teacher in me knew … Continue reading #whereissasha Our Exam Crazed System – #BLOG365 Day 124

Museum Monday: Student Curators -#BLOG365 Day 106

I've written a lot about student-created exhibitions on my blog. One of the most challenging components of a student-created exhibition is the process of writing labels. It's challenging for museum curators too. Getting the gist of an object or exhibition theme into 50-100 words is difficult. In a school setting label writing integrates literacy and critical … Continue reading Museum Monday: Student Curators -#BLOG365 Day 106

Boo! Grades! -#BLOG365 Day 55   The scariest thing this October isn't the spooky Halloween costumes or frightful decorations. It's not haunted houses or zombies. It's our grading culture. The Wicked Witch of Education! Look, there's been a lot of research on grading and grading systems. Despite the fact that these studies show grades actually demotivate students, we continue … Continue reading Boo! Grades! -#BLOG365 Day 55

In Pursuit of Mastery – #BLOG365 Day 47 #IMMOOC This video has been floating around Twitter lately. Its a few years old, but reminds me of how important it is to revisit the idea of mastery each day in our classrooms and with our students. A lot of our kids struggle with this idea of mastery. It requires reflection, evaluation, revision, transfer of … Continue reading In Pursuit of Mastery – #BLOG365 Day 47 #IMMOOC