Presentations and Publications

My passion is working with teachers and schools to design, deliver, and provide professional development. I am available to work with your community of learners on any of the following areas and will work with your team to customize programming to meet your unique needs.

  • Curriculum Alignment, Redesign, and Integration
  • Arts Integration
  • Museum Integrated Learning
  • Object-Based Learning
  • Student-Created Exhibitions
  • Teacher Leadership



Twitter: @JCrossEdu




Magnet Schools of America Conference Presenter: Authentic Learning With Authentic Objects, 2012

National Association for Educators of Young Children Conference Presenter: Exhibiting Project-Based Learning: A Collaboration Between an Art Museum, University Education Students, and an Elementary School, 2012

National Art Education Association National Convention Presenter: Building a Community of Learners Through Museum-School Partnerships, 2013

National Council for the Social Studies Conference Presenter: Be the Curator of Your Own Knowledge!, 2015

National Council for the Social Studies Conference Presenter: Beanie Babies, Pocket Watches, and Washington’s Wooden Teeth, 2016


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