Risk Taking – It’s Time to Be Scared – #BLOG365 Day 59


I was at a social studies conference this weekend and I picked up a vendor giveaway with this quote on it. It’s one of those quotes I have seen frequently and always forget about. Lately, I have been thinking about risk taking as it pertains to our practice as educators. Each day we ask our students to take risks, but how often are we, as educators, taking risks? How often do we put ourselves out there and try something different? Change an assessment or a unit? How often do we question our practice?

We talk about creating safe spaces for our students to take risks. But, what about safe spaces for teachers to take risks? Safe spaces for our teachers to question the status quo?

It’s easy to get into a rut with teaching. I have been guilty of it before. With so many other demands placed on us it is sometimes easier to take comfort in our routine. It is scary to step out of that routine. Sometimes we don’t feel like our small risks will amount to anything.

I found this definition of “scary good” on Urban Dictionary and I think it sums up my feeling on risk taking as educators.


Think of all the awesomeness that could come from doing one scary thing each day! Maybe the feeling that something is scary comes from the potential in it.

For our students and for us.

Today I stepped out and did something scary. Something that in my heart I believed was for the good of the teachers I work with and the students we serve. Something that could result in some awesomeness should it come to fruition. On another day, in another moment I may have considered it to be just me standing up for what I believe in. Today, because of that quote I saw on Saturday, I also realized it was scary. Not just because it’s Halloween.

So far no zombies have attacked me because of it. I’m not cowering in a corner from the Grudge girl. I don’t feel like I am wandering in the woods with the Blair Witch. It’s all good.

It was scary, yes. But it might be scary good. I’ll have to wait and see.

Happy Scaring Everyone! Let’s get to it for our kids and for our practice!

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