#ttlsummit in action @teachtolead #DitchSummit part of the new era of professional development: Guest post by @kwfaulk and @lucyduncunedu #TMILearns

What do comfortable clothes, a computer, a long school break, and professional development have in common? Engaged teachers in the Digital Age. Over this past winter break, several TMI faculty members were able to participate in the annual Ditch That Textbook Digital Summit (Ditch Summit), a nine-day virtual event held every December that brings together … Continue reading #ttlsummit in action @teachtolead #DitchSummit part of the new era of professional development: Guest post by @kwfaulk and @lucyduncunedu #TMILearns

Join Me in the Cloud: Guest Post by @alice_bilbrey – @TeachToLead #TTLNetwork #TTLSummit #TMILearns

Guest post by Alice Bilbrey I've been a long-time user of Google Docs and Google Classroom as a part of my teaching practice, so I was thrilled when I received the go-ahead from TMI to open up a Google Classroom for my AP English Language and Composition course. I explained to my juniors that a … Continue reading Join Me in the Cloud: Guest Post by @alice_bilbrey – @TeachToLead #TTLNetwork #TTLSummit #TMILearns

Oh, #Homework… – #BLOG365 Day 131 #edchat #hacklearning

I feel the need to reblog this as I watch my child trudge through homework tonight.

Jill Cross


Oh homework, how we loathe you in my house.

You take us away from family time and dinner conversations and walks around the neighborhood and play time and even recreational reading time. You invade car rides and take away sleep. You diminish social time with friends. You make us question participation in Boy Scouts and youth groups and service learning. You cause arguments and frustration. You add stress. You cause tears.

Sometimes you aren’t valuable. Sometimes you aren’t necessary.

There is plenty of research on you. Cooper and Patall and Robinson. Fernández-Alonso and Darling-Hammond and Ifill-Lynch.

Research that says its about quality and not quantity. Research that says that giving too much of you actually hinders performance.

I would suggest you read those studies, homework. You need a reality check.


Here’s the thing homework. When I was teaching I didn’t assign much of you. I wanted…

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Seeds of Growth: Why Relationships Are the Key to Growth in Teachers and Students #titleiia #professionallearning #PDMatters #edadvbecause

  I have a confession. I never wanted to be a teacher. It was pretty much the last thing I wanted to do with my life. After a Humanities degree and an English degree, I started teaching as a way to finance graduate school. My parents told me it was the perfect job for me. … Continue reading Seeds of Growth: Why Relationships Are the Key to Growth in Teachers and Students #titleiia #professionallearning #PDMatters #edadvbecause

Entschuldigung – #BLOG365 Day 271 @TOPTeachGermany #TOPStudyTour

Full disclosure...I am not a world languages person. On the curriculum, side...yes. I can draft beautiful essential questions and help build units of study. I know the goal of language instruction, the value in it. But, on the practical side of things, when it comes to actually speaking a language, I kind of stink at … Continue reading Entschuldigung – #BLOG365 Day 271 @TOPTeachGermany #TOPStudyTour