A New Perspective on National Boards-#BLOG365 Day 161 @nbpts #nbctstrong


I have been planning and pondering my National Board certification renewal over the last few days. I am behind, but I am taking comfort in the fact that my procrastination will result in a better product now that I have had plenty of time to think about how I will address each component. I am pulling from a little Adam Grant and his book Originals  to excuse that procrastination. Oh well!

I dug out my original certification materials completed in 2008. When I certified I had just reached the minimal three years of experience that National Board requires. I was a baby in terms of my teaching journey. I would have never guessed the path I am now on, although I can’t imagine it any other way.

I found a lot of comfort in reading my responses. For such a “baby” in terms of my teaching I was confident in my practice. I wonder if my 2018 product will be as well written.

I took a walk down memory lane as I read through the descriptions of my classes and students, the lessons I videotaped and the work I analyzed as part of the certification process. I was reminded of the initiatives I took on, the professional development I sought out, and the ways I lead even then. I cited research I haven’t read again in a decade. I explained strategies I haven’t used in years. I was a different educator then. Not better or worse, just different. Different circumstances and different knowledge at my fingertips.

I went online to the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards website. I was heartened to see the expanse of resources that are now available to candidates, the resources for certified teachers, and the support network. None of which was available when I certified in 2008.

I have decided on the route I am taking with each of the components needed to renew.

Now to get down to the hard work of writing and analyzing.

Hopefully I will take a look at my renewal again before the next 10 year mark for renewal!

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