Being Still-#BLOG365 Day 162



I have had a rocky few weeks professionally. Because of this I have spent a lot of time reflecting on next steps, imagining new aspirations, and considering authentic career goals that get to the heart of who I am as an educator.

It has been both frustrating and empowering.

Frustrating because adjusting plans is hard and requires deviating from paths already set in motion. Empowering because in really analyzing my choices I have seen potential. Potential that either wasn’t there for me before or potential that had been ignored or pushed aside until now. In thinking about my career up until this point I have found pockets of potential I have not pursued. Pockets of potential that deserve my attention again.

I am not a patient person. I am a busy person, a multi-tasker, a go-getter in every aspect of my life. The one constant is my career has been my drive. But, now I have to be still. I have to be patient.

Being still and waiting for potential to materialize is difficult.

Being still and trusting those around me is humbling.

Being still and confident in your practice is even a little liberating.


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