Spring Breakitis-#BLOG365 Day 160


Spring Breakitis really is a thing as any teacher can attest to. The marathon from the holiday break to spring break is tedious. Students and teachers long for the breakto reset and recharge. Our brains turn to mush.

Many years ago my school district closed for an extended period of time due to a hurricane. This was before weather days. The loss of so many school days meant we didn’t have a holiday from Christmas to spring break. I remember this time so vividly because I was pregnant. You can imagine my exhaustion when the break finally rolled around. I couldn’t even tell you what I did on that break now.

This year I am thankful for weather days and the few days of rest that have been sprinkled over the last few months. I’m thankful I am not going into spring break exhausted and overwhelmed, thankful I will be completely present as I relax with my sixth grader at home.

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