Permission – #BLOG365 Day 38

On most Saturday mornings you will find me at hot yoga. I get up pretty early, enjoy my coffee in the silence of my home, stalk a Twitter chat maybe, and head to yoga.

This morning the instructor was talking us through the beginning of our practice and she said something about giving ourselves permission to forgive ourselves. I know I struggle with both parts of that, the forgiving myself and giving myself permission.

I would bet many educators struggle with giving themselves permission.

Permission to take our time. Permission to rest. To take care of ourselves first. To take risks. Step our of comfort zones. Stand out.

Permission to be our true selves in front of our students. Learn right along with our students. Admit we don’t know. Ask for help.

Permission to be lazy. Permission to take a break or start over in the classroom.

We spend a lot of our days giving our students permission and pushing them. Sometimes it’s hard to step back and do the same for ourselves.

Permission is granted.

We don’t need to be perfect. We don’t need to do it all or take it all on.



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