Lessons After 30 Straight Days of Blogging – #BLOG365 Day 39


I have to admit I am sort of patting myself on the back after 30+ straight days of blogging. I’m an Aquarius, a big dreamer. Sometimes my dreams get the best of me and they don’t always play out in the ways I expect. Sometimes I give up. So, when I agreed to do this for 365 days part of me wondered if I would make it. It’s only been 38 days and I have 327 more days to go, but I have already learned so many lessons.

Like Anais Nin, I am writing out my confusions until they become clear. I start with small little seeds of ideas. Sometimes I might have a general idea of how my posts will flush out. But, I never know for sure. More often than not I am writing about small seeds that make up the root of my struggles. Through writing I am able to clear up my ideas, gain focus, and define my personal and professional values better.

I find myself reflecting in my thoughts just as much as I do in writing. The way I write is more and more the way I think. Even if I can’t get some thoughts down here, they are in my head. Sometimes reflecting in my mind is enough. If it’s not, I end up writing here.

I pull from my notes in my Bullet Journal and the notes in my books. I have always been a big reader. I find myself reading more deeply. I don’t remember reading this deeply since college. I mine for ideas in everything I read.

I am more determined and motivated than I thought I was. I haven’t missed a day of posting and I don’t plan to even if it means late night posts or short posts. I will write everyday. I have made a commitment and I am sticking to it.

Accountability is good, especially positive accountability. I reach out to our #BLOG365 group occasionally, but just knowing they are in this with me is enough for me usually. In our professional and personal lives it’s important to be responsible to others. We are holding one another to a standard. But, in moments when we fall we are patient, encouraging, and understanding. Practical, but accountable.

I have learned lots of other small lessons too. I notice my favorite word choices. The sentence structures I use most often. I love reading people’s comments on my posts. I love reading the blog posts of the other #BLOG365 bloggers. We all offer such different perspective on teaching and learning.

I am loving this process. Truly loving it. Even on the days I struggle.

Only 327 more days to go!

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