Be The Pebble That Moves, Not the Rock That Stays – #BLOG365 Day 37 #IMMOOC


Last year Wonder was on my son’s summer reading list. Precepts have a big role in the book. The book begins with teacher, Mr. Browne, presenting a lesson on precepts, or “rules about really important things.” Each month the teacher presents a new precept for the class to consider. My son was tasked with creating his own precept and he chose the phrase: “Be the pebble that moves, not the rock that stays.”

I think my son came up with it on his own. I did a quick Goggle search and could not find it so here’s hoping it was an original precept.

This precept keeps running through my mind as I consider the role of change in an educational community.

Are we pebbles or rocks?

A rock is someone with a fixed mindset, slow to change, difficult to move along. Someone who focuses on what learning has been. Someone who may be isolated and averse to risk. Maybe a settler.

A pebble is a change agent, a pioneer. Someone with a growth mindset who focused on the possibilities that still exist in learning. Someone who embraces change, challenges ideas, innovates, and reflects. Maybe even moves others along with them. They are smaller than rocks, but they often move or flow together.

Sometimes as educational leaders we put a lot of energy into moving our rocks along when maybe we should be investing in our pebbles. Sometimes our pebbles can fall under the radar. But, together our pebbles can make a big impact. They can help us move forward and support the vision of our school. Pebbles can help us build a culture of empowerment.

Some scientists believe that Jupiter and Saturn were formed from pebbles. Think of the possibilities if we harness the power of our pebbles.




2 thoughts on “Be The Pebble That Moves, Not the Rock That Stays – #BLOG365 Day 37 #IMMOOC

  1. Your blogs are some of my favorites, but especially today! The pebbles and rocks are a great representation for all we do and try to do in education. I love that this was from your son as well. Thank you for sharing and keep up the awesome work #blog365 #IMMOOC


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