Be Good to Yourself – #BLOG365 Day 275


I can’t remember the last time I stayed home all day on a Saturday. It must have been over a year ago when I had a flare-up with my knee and had no choice but to put my feet up.

Today I slept in (well, as much as you can sleep in with a rambunctious cat!). When I woke up I didn’t have any plans except to clean in preparation for the arrival of my son this evening. After I cleaned and crossed a few things off my list here, I realized it was 2pm. August in Texas is pretty brutal and the thought of trudging out into Saturday afternoon crowds to get a few things did not appeal to me, at all. So, my Saturday turned into an unexpected Self-Care Saturday and I couldn’t be happier about it. I have spent hours watching television. I completed a few things for an upcoming teacher professional learning session. I shopped online and caught up on a few emails. And, at about 4pm I got out of my pajamas.

Maturity, yoga, and a battle with a chronic illness for 39 years have taught me not to feel guilty when I just sit at home, even when I have a to-do list.

This time of year is busy and stressful and overwhelming for educators. The start of the school year. A new crop of students. Sometimes new programs to implement. But, taking a moment for self-care is so important.

It is, in fact, the perfect way to start the school year I would say!


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