Museum Monday: The Grove Museum-#BLOG365 Day 163

This weekend my son and I went to The Grove Museum for their Grand Opening. We shuffled through the house museum with thousands of other visitors that day, learned a few things about Tallahassee and Florida, and analyzed every interpretative decision inside the home.

My son has turned into quire the museum critic. The apple does not fall far from the tree.

On the drive home he gave me his review in detail, talking about the wall panels and the design, the color scheme, the objects or lack of objects, and the interactives. We have decided to reserve our full analysis until we can visit again, without the throng of visitors around us and without the time constraints that were part of our tour on Saturday.

I did see one thing that made my museum heart happy. This table at the entrance of the site.


It was a beautiful way to be greeted as we stepped through the gate. I have decided to steal this idea for the classroom.


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