Back to Cultivating – #BLOG365 Day 158



At the beginning of 2017 I chose my #oneword2017, cultivate. I have not done a good job of focusing and refocusing back on this word. I have thought about it occasionally, but work and life has gotten in the way over the last few months. When I originally wrote about my choice of the word cultivate I was drawn to the idea that this word implies I am preparing myself for something more, a new crop or a new adventure. I could have never known at the time how apropos this word would be given the path my career has taken in the last few weeks.

This week I am pondering cultivate as it relates to promoting growth and improvement. I have no doubt I will be improved at the end of this journey so I am focusing on tilling the ground of my passions and talents for a healthier harvest at the end of this.

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