#Booknerd – #BLOG365 Day 127



Today I was talking with our librarian and she was so excited about the shipment of new books she was getting. I looked at her and said “we are such book nerds!” We had been discussing book options for a new historical fiction genre study. With every title I mentioned I was reminded of my experience with that book, the imprint of my interaction with those texts on the person I am.

A few days ago I shared this blog post with our faculty on engaged reading. I am a strong believer in showing our students that we are readers and writers. It’s important for them to see that reading is a life-long journey and part of our adult lives.

When our students work on independent reading we read along with them. When we read a beautiful sentence or character descriptions in our personal reading we share it with our students to support instruction. We recommend our favorite books and authors. We proudly proclaim we are book nerds.




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