The Book is Always Better…-#BLOG365 Day 128



A Series of Unfortunate Events was the first read aloud in my classroom when I started teaching. I can’t remember how many in the series we read that year in fifth grade, just that my students and I were smitten with the books.

Years later I watched my son become smitten with the series as well, when his fourth grade teacher read them aloud to his class. I had to buy each book again so he could read along with his teacher in class.

We have been anxiously awaiting the Netflix series. This morning my son woke up and it was the first thing on his mind. We cuddled up on the couch to watch. He and I love watching movies based on books. Most of the time we are pretty disappointed in the movie. After all, we are word lovers. But, we like to compare and discuss the differences.

The new Neflix series is great, but it is nothing compared to reading the books and interacting with the words. Neil Patrick Harris is a little difficult to imagine as Count Olaf. We are a theater family and can do nothing but remember him hosting the Tony’s. Mr Poe, blah. Justice Strauss..Joan Cusack…awesome, of course. We liked Patrick Warburton as Lemony Snicket and were happy to see the interjection of the big words, and their meanings, just like the book. Those big words and the author’s subsequent definition and focus on their context was always one of my students’ favorite part of the books.

We’ve only watched one episode…but….

As always, the book is always better!

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