The Reality of Hope – #BLOG365 Day 126

Full disclosure – this isn’t a political post…

I don’t really watch nightly news, but lately we have been recording the nightly news on each channel trying to decide which network we like best. Tonight we sat watching Obama speak with Lester Holt on NBC. The segment was called The Reality of Hope and was a preview of the special by the same name that plays later tonight.

My week was exhausting and my interest piqued when I heard the name of the segment.

The Reality of Hope.

I am not a rainbows and sunshine kind of girl.

I wouldn’t say I am a pessimist, maybe more realistic. I like to look ahead, prepare for possible road blocks ahead. I am pretty imaginative so I foresee lots of hiccups. Then I look for work arounds, strategies to ensure success.

But, all the while I remain hopeful. Realistically hopeful.



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