A Problem Party – #BLOG365 Day 120


I have been reading The Unstoppable Writing Teacher by Colleen Cruz. In the first chapter she writes about anticipating and solving problems in the classroom. She suggests “that you celebrate once you find the problem you will attack first.” Yes, it’s true, problems are opportunities. Wallowing in them doesn’t help us. Attacking them, studying them, and celebrating the opportunities they provide is what does help us. It helps us become better teachers.

I hear celebration and I think party.

A Problem Party.

Instead of celebrating the solution to a problem, celebrate the beginning of your attack on a problem. Get the momentum going. Recognize the potential.

Sounds like my kind of party. And any excuse for a cupcake, right?

Now, my colleagues and I tackle a lot of problems every day. Sometimes we solve them. Sometimes we don’t. Sometimes they solve themselves. But, we have never celebrated any problem or solution because we are bogged down in the day to day.

The Pinterest wannabe in me wants to plan a Problem Party.

So, now my challenge, to convince my colleagues.

Time for a Problem Party!

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