Best Intentions – #BLOG365 Day 119



Yesterday I had the best of intentions.

As I sat down for dinner I told my son, “I still need to blog today. I’ll do it after your voice lessons.”

I watched a little television. I flipped through a few catalogs that came in the mail. I washed dishes and fixed coffee for the next morning. I plugged my laptop in to charge.

Then, I ushered my son off to voice lessons at 7:15pm (he is preparing for auditions this weekend). While I was there I read a professional development book. I Tweeted about it and then texted someone about what I was reading. I highlighted sections that resonated with me. I told myself I would blog about some of it when I got home.

I got so caught up in my son’s improvements at voice. He made huge strides. I had a proud mama moment. I saw my son’s excitement and the change in his demeanor as he realized his accomplishments. He had gone in to his lesson feeling down and unsure of his abilities. I thought about this in relationship to students and considered a blog post around this idea.

We got home and he was exhausted. He was literally sweating; he was working so hard at lessons. He was so tired I told him to forget about brushing his teeth and sent him up to bed.

And then I sat down. That was it. My tired body ruined my best intentions. Blogging slipped out of my mind and all I could think about was settling into bed with my cats. They even looked at me, one one each side of the couch, anticipating our routine walk up the stairs to bed together. I gave in. I was beat.

When I climbed into bed I realized I had forgotten to blog. But, by then,  going back downstairs and writing was the last thing I wanted to do.

So, I told myself it was ok.

The best of my intentions will be manifested another day.



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