I’m Behind – #BLOG365 Day 44


So, I’ve been wicked sick all week and now I am behind on blogging. Two days. Before I got sick I thought about this happening. I expected to be completely disappointed in myself if I missed a day.

When I was laying on my couch recuperating I did think about blogging. I couldn’t muster the energy or the mental wherewithal to pick up the computer and write. My days were not filled with anything worth blogging about anyway. I found not being at work meant I didn’t have a whole lot to blog about. My brain wasn’t engaged. I wasn’t looking for connections or working out iterations of a new plan. I wasn’t talking to colleagues and strategizing. I wasn’t considering new narratives and engagement plans.

Not blogging for one day didn’t kill me.

I survived.

Then I survived when I missed another day.

Sometimes life gets in the way.

Today I am back on the horse. Just barely. I am actually looking forward to returning to work tomorrow to mine for ideas and fuel my writing. It’s funny how that works.

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