Dear Desk: A Warning to the Pile of Work You Hold – #BLOG365 Day 46



Dear Desk,

Right now you are a cluttered mess. You are filled with at least 4 books I am reading, dog- eared and annotated. Post-it notes mock me at all corners. My iPad is dead, the victim of a week away from work. There are a few stacks of articles and paperwork to be read or filed away. Your organization is lacking. You have fallen down on the job. What happened to the system we had? Our method? You frustrate me and confuse me and drive me batty. Sometimes you distract me and kill my productivity. Just because I was sick for a few days doesn’t mean this behavior is acceptable. Before mid-week we will have this sorted out. Priorities will be laid out, my to-do lists will be completed, and I will find clear, clean space on your surface. Don’t get too used to the way it is now. Your days are numbered.



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