When You’re Out Sick For a Week – #BLOG365 Day 43



When you’re out sick for a week you…

Veg on your couch watching 2 seasons of Veep in between naps.

Wait for 2 hours at the doctor’s office.

Spend too much on tomato soup from Panera.

Snuggle underneath your great-grandmother’s afghan.

Miss your son’s debate at school, but get the play by play later. He won.

Watch your porch being repaired and imagine fun new uses for the old wood in between naps.

Ignore the emails that pop up on your phone. They will work themselves out later. At some point you barely notice them anymore.

Come to terms with the fact that your son will eat fast food at 2 meals a day until you are well again.

Cuddle with your cats on the couch in between naps.

Call it a win when you shower and change pajamas.

Miss your first day of blogging in 42 days, but vow to make it up with a double post some other day.

Stare at the book on your coffee table that needs to be finished in between naps.

Trust that the people around you have it all covered.

Slow down so you can catch up.





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