You Know You’re An Educator’s Child When… – #BLOG365 Day 36

My son takes Logic this quarter. Next week he has a debate for his final project. We are in the middle of a discussion about uniforms at our school. There have been surveys, and parent meetings, and discussion groups. So, my son’s class will be debating uniforms. He was assigned to argue against uniforms and has been working on his arguments all day. During his class he went around and asked adults about their opinions. He was clearly frustrated when most of the adults told him they were for uniforms.

Tonight at dinner he worked on organizing his thoughts. He sounded just like me…

“Kids need to be able to express themselves and have choice. Schools were built to make factory workers and we are not all growing up to be factory workers. We don’t all need to wear the same thing like a factory worker. We need to be thinkers and be creative. We are going to be 21st century citizens. And what about diversity? How can we express our diversity and learn about one another if we are all wearing the same thing?”

He has some good points. I haven’t viewed these ideas through the lens of uniforms, but it does kind of make sense.


Obviously he has overheard far too many of my conversations about learning.


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