What is Improvement? -#BLOG365 Day 153 #IMMOOC #ascdl2l

Yesterday I participated in a webinar through ASCD hosted by Steve Gruenert. School Culture Recharged: Strategies to Energize Your Staff and Culture focused on the book by the same title and presented strategies for making school culture an ally. One question from the webinar keeps nagging at my brain: how does your school define the concept of "improvement?" … Continue reading What is Improvement? -#BLOG365 Day 153 #IMMOOC #ascdl2l

#whereissasha Our Exam Crazed System – #BLOG365 Day 124

No surprise I am anti-exams. Exams don't give us a clear picture of student understanding. They don't prepare students for 21st century careers. They cause anxiety for our students. They encourage low level thinking and regurgitation. They don't encourage collaboration or creativity. Last night #whereissasha blew up on social media. The teacher in me knew … Continue reading #whereissasha Our Exam Crazed System – #BLOG365 Day 124

A Problem Party – #BLOG365 Day 120

I have been reading The Unstoppable Writing Teacher by Colleen Cruz. In the first chapter she writes about anticipating and solving problems in the classroom. She suggests "that you celebrate once you find the problem you will attack first." Yes, it's true, problems are opportunities. Wallowing in them doesn't help us. Attacking them, studying them, … Continue reading A Problem Party – #BLOG365 Day 120