Iterations- #BLOG365 Day 116


Iteration is one of my all time favorite words. I latched onto it while in grad school as we discussed exhibitions and the iterative process of museum design. But, I quickly recognized moments of iteration throughout my life. So, when I read this blog post,  13 Things Crucial for Your Success [In Any Field] by Chase Jarvis and saw iteration listed as one of the 13 things I was pretty stoked.

Yesterday, I wrote a bit about iterations of ourselves and taking the time to recognize them in your professional or personal journeys.

I love this line from Jarvis’ post:

Nothing–and I’ll say it again, but louder–NOTHING will spring from your creative self fully formed. Genius, clarity, vision–whatever you want to call it–will come in fragments at inopportune moments over days, weeks, months, years.  

It’s so true. In my work and in my life, all my creations and plans, schemes and strategies begin and end differently than I had planned. I am constantly adjusting my practice, reshaping plans, adding to and altering my designs.

One of the questions I always include on object-based learning activities is:

Is there evidence this object has been altered, changed, or modified?

I wonder how many of us take note of the ways we have been altered, changed, or modified and what story these iterations tell.



One thought on “Iterations- #BLOG365 Day 116

  1. Jill – I am familiar with the word reiteration, but not iteration. You’ve taught me something here. What a great word! Thank you and Happy New Year!


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