The T in STEM Doesn’t Stand for Theater – #BLOG365 Day 8

Jill Cross

I had another post scheduled for today. But,  I saw this ad from Wells Fargo over the weekend and I felt I had to write about it. Wells Fargo was quick to issue an apology after the outcry on social media. They were also quick to point out that they have donated $93 million to the arts over the years. But, this one ad may have diminished their support in one fell swoop.


I am insulted. I am saddened. I am confused.

The ad seems to imply that children can only dream of being actors and ballerinas as youngsters, but as you grow up you need to gravitate towards a more realistic job like botanist or engineer. Having pursued both undergraduate and graduate degrees in the arts, I am insulted. I pursued my passions after a lot of deliberation. I struggled over my decision to get my degree in humanities as…

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