A Valiant Effort – #BLOG365 #TOPStudyTour Day 252

I made a real effort to blog in Germany and I managed two, yes two posts. I know, it’s quite pitiful.

For some reason I had trouble accessing Wi-Fi from my computer. I could connect via my cell phone and I did write two posts from my phone. But, after day three I gave up. It was more trouble than it was worth.

So, I did what I could to remember the people, places, and moments of the tour….I tweeted and tweeted and tweeted. A lot. Maybe too much. But, I figured when I returned those tweets could form the foundation of some amazing blog posts.

I am still processing the experience. Today as I was showing my family pictures of the trip , I was reminded of how much I really did, how many places I went, and all that I learned. It was a lot. I joked that I may now know more about Germany than my German mother-in-law.

In a few days when the laundry is done and I have slept the exhaustion away I will blog about my #TOPStudyTour.

Until then, a nap is calling….23.5 hours of flights to get home is no joke!

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