Museum Monday: Object Stories – #BLOG365 Day 241

Not the first time I write about object stories here. Probably not the last either.

Today I began packing for our new adventure and I found an old favorite, Significant Objects

Imagine buying a small bauble at a thrift store and then creating a story to go along with it. A story of its origin and journey. Who owned it and why it was important. I did actually do this as a third grader. The story of the school desk was one of my all time favorites.

Now imagine you are a famous author and the story you created for that trinket is included in the description as it auctioned off on eBay.

And imagine that narrative adds significant value to that object, increasing its value by hundreds. Imagine that object that originally cost a small sum brings a few hundred dollars, all because of the story.

This is exactly what Significant Objects focuses on. It’s a fascinating look at object stories, real or imagined and the significance we place on objects in our lives.

Check out the latest news surrounding Significant Objects and the ingenious ways artists of all kinds use objects in their art here.

Great fodder for classroom activities.

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