Lighten the Load – #BLOG365 Day 242

In a few days I leave for Germany for a TOP Study Tour. I will be gone for two weeks and over the last few months I have been considering how I will blog while in Germany.

I haven’t been perfect at blogging, but I have definitely put a lot of effort into it and it has become part of my daily routine (writing or struggling with writer’s block). Originally I thought I would take my laptop to blog and to Skype with my son while I was away.

But today I made a decision to lighten my load.

If I bring my laptop I will end up in my hotel room on most nights, blogging about my trip. I won’t be enjoying my time in Germany, exploring, or relaxing.

So, I have a challenge for myself. No laptop for the trip. Maybe no blogging for the trip either. I will have a small tablet. I may be able to blog on it. I may get frustrated with its size. We’ll see what happens.

I am resolved to be ok with blogging or not blogging.

I can prepare with some extra posts before I go. When I get home I can catch up too.

It will be ok. It’s all about the process.

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