Reminder: It’s About the Process or Is It? – #BLOG365 Day 237

I went back through some old blog posts today. Noticed a lot of typos. Chose not to correct them. Reminded myself this #BLOG365 journey was more about the process and not the product. One day those typos will be amazing little reminders of the struggle to blog every single day and an expression of the “realness” of missing every comma or space in this struggle.

#BLOG365 is still about the process.

But, it turns out this process yielded some great product.

Over the last year I have been able to hone my educational values. I have further defined who I am as a teacher, a collaborator, a leader, and a learner. It turned out to be an incredibly valuable product as I have had to articulate my values in forums with a wide spectrum of educators and educational leaders.

Note to self: Come back to this post next week when I am in Germany attempting to blog each day!


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