Made With Love – #BLOG365 Day 230


The other day someone asked me what my favorite kind of food was. I had to think for a minute. I am a foodie, for sure. But, when it came down to what type of food was my favorite it didn’t take long for me to settle on good ole’ southern food. Slathered, greasy, fried, homemade, comfort foods. My great-grandmother lived to be 101 eating these foods so they can’t be all bad, right?

Today is my grandmother’s birthday and as I write this I am thinking about the many times she and I leaned over the kitchen counter making biscuits together during my weekend overnight trips to her house. I remember the bowl and the avocado green of the counter top. I remember the moments at the table as we shared a meal.

So when I say southern food is my favorite kind of food it is more about the memories made around meals of biscuits, and fried pies, and tomato sandwiches. It’s about the tang of memories I taste.



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