Feeling a Sense of Accomplishment -#BLOG365 Day 201 @NBPTS #nbctstrong



I’m taking a page from my fellow #BLOG365 blog buddy, Fred Ende, with this post. He wrote a post a bit ago entitled, “A Sense of Accomplishment.” 

As I am finishing up Component One of National Board renewal, I am keenly aware of all that I have accomplished over the last 10 years. I now have it in black and white in this Component, along with its significance and impact.

I had a hard time narrowing down my accomplishments (as NBPTS calls them) for this Component, but I settled on these four which I think provide a well-rounded view of what has been important in my professional growth over the last 10 years:

  • spearheading a movement to transform a public elementary school into the 11th Museum Magnet in the nation
  • becoming an ASCD Emerging Leader and the resulting network
  • participating in the Colonial Williamsburg Teacher Institute and later becoming a Master Teacher with Colonial Williamsburg
  • a partnership with a local university around arts integration and project-based learning

In another Component I will write about my work in curriculum and teacher leadership initiatives.

Taken together all of this really does represent me as an educator and all that I am passionate about.

I am appreciative to NBCT to bringing this to light for me through this renewal process. Sometimes it is easy to move through the motions of your career and never reflect on the amazing initiatives you have been a part of and remember the phenomenal educators you have been lucky enough to collaborate with.

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