Museum Monday: The World is a Museum-#BLOG365 Day 197

The World is a Museum.png

The World is a Museum

This has been my catch phrase over the last few years. I wholeheartedly believe it.

Over the weekend I was looking for some photos of museum “stuff” to write about and I found all kinds of photos of regular objects that reminded me the world is the museum.

In a museum works of art or objects are an entry point, an engagement piece, trigger points that lead to inquiry.

All around us there works of art and objects and situations that serve as entry points for inquiry and engagement.

Objects and places like these:


We don’t always take enough time to learn about the museum around us in our daily life.

What have you come across today that might be in a museum one day?

How can we investigate what is around us?

How can we describe it others?

How can we curate our own little museum in our minds?




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