Listening to Your Gut-#BLOG365 Day 196


I am usually pretty good about listening to my gut. Growing up a writer and studying creative writing all through college you develop a talent for seeing and noticing small things. Words, actions, voice inflection, the unsaid. Sometimes you may over analyze. Sometimes you file those small things away. Sometimes you notice what others don’t notice at first. Sometimes you connect the dots and figure out the story.

But, sometimes you ignore the connections and ignore the story because you want to see the positive.

I didn’t listen to my gut, not truly, over the last few weeks.

One friend picked up on the small statements I was making, the hidden voice behind our conversations. Even when I tried to overgeneralize, they pointed out what my gut was telling me.

In this instance I needed a nudge to pay attention to my gut. Not just once, but a few times.

I guess it doesn’t matter how I came to listen to my gut this time, just that I did.

Thank goodness I have friends who know when I need a nudge.


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