Is It Worth It? -#BLOG365 Day 192



Lately I have been seeing a lot of blog posts that leave me scratching my head thinking “I could have written that!” Posts with topics that I have reflected on or discussed with colleagues. Topics I figured didn’t need to be written about because they were already on people’s minds. What I might consider a common sense post. I am sure some of my posts fall in that category. Nothing new. Nothing special. At least not to me.

I have been struggling with this idea of posting or not posting. Is sharing more important on a platform like this blog or on Twitter? Isn’t sharing in the space of my school community enough? Is it more important for me to build up the people I work with or build up people beyond my school?

Of course, I could do both and I do both. But, do I need to do both? Will the addition of the few minutes it takes me to blog in the evening or at lunchtime be better spent in other ways?

Just questions. Questions I am still trying to figure out.

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