I Never Thought I Would…-#BLOG365 Day 184



This morning as I got set up to carry the baton with @ctqbaton I thought to myself, “I never thought I would be so into social media as an educator.”

I can remember the days of social media talks when I worked in public schools which consisted of: don’t post, don’t talk about what you are doing in the classroom, don’t “like” this or that, just don’t. All of this presented by a lawyer meant to scare the heck out of you and make you think twice about ever using social media, even for personal reasons. It was scary. Threats of losing your job.

I can’t believe that was only a few years ago.

The world is so different now. Many of us would be lost without a Professional Learning Network. I am amazed at how long it took education to pick up on the fact that we are much better as a collective team. To pick up on the fact that sharing our struggles and triumphs would actually make us better educators or that through social media we could reignite passion and grow as professionals.

A few years ago I would have been hesitant to do much of what I do now on social media.

Thank goodness that was a few years ago and not today!

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