Don’t Force It-#BLOG365 Day 177

forcing it.

I’m still behind about 25 days on #BLOG365. Although I have been doing my best to catch up with blog posts, life gets in the way. I visit my #BLOG365 buddies blogs and occasionally I feel the disappointment of not being on the same page as them.

Some days those blog visits are enough for me to get in gear and go blog.

Some days I just can’t get in gear and it’s on those days that I make a conscious decision to let it be instead of forcing it.

I’d rather be my authentic self than force a blog post that doesn’t represent me or doesn’t do justice to this process of writing.

We are sometimes guilty of forcing things in education. New programs, new initiatives, new curriculum before we consider systems already in place. Before we consider the capacity of those responsible for the daily implementation of “new stuff.”

I can remember being in urban schools years ago when it seemed like every few months we had a new “something” designed to solve this problem or that problem. There were layers upon layers of “things” forced on our students and our practice. It was exhausting for us and our students because we forced it.

I know there are instances where decisions have to be made, but whenever possible I think we will get more traction by not forcing it.


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