Am I Leading Like a Tree?-#BLOG365 Day 178


Today I was talking about what got me started on the #BLOG365 journey. I talked about the Lead Like a Tree activity that I wrote about here so when I got home I pulled this image up to see how I was doing on the goals I set for myself back in July.

Goal 1: Get Back at Writing

Done and done. Well, maybe. Although I am writing every day through #BLOG365 and I have had a few blogs shared on ASCD Inservice, I feel like maybe I should do more. Do I think blogging has helped me get my writing voice back? Yes. But, it is definitely a seed. Recently I found myself saying “maybe I will just work on a book proposal.” A year ago I would have never said that.

Goal 2: Awaken Passion in Others

This is one of those goals you can’t quite measure. I think I have been successful at this. I hope there has been some awakening of passion through my blog and from working with teachers and colleagues. This will definitely be an ongoing goal since much of the energy I need to be an educator comes from working with others. I guess what I am saying is if I have awakened any passion in you via this blog, please let me know so I can feed my educator soul!

Goal 3: Connect

Another continuing goal here. But, yes I have connected far more this year. I am so grateful for those connections because they make me a better educator each day and I learn something new each day from those connections.

Goal 4: Learn Everyday!

See goal 3! I have had an interesting year professionally and I think it has helped me learn a lot about myself and what my core values are. This blog is also a huge part of this goal. It is through my reflections each day that I learn the most about myself and what I learn directly impacts my daily work.

Goal 5: Share My Passion Beyond My Local Community

This blog is but one small piece of sharing my passion beyond my local community. I have participated in accreditation teams, reached out to people as resources, presented at conferences, been appointed on a state board, participated in countless Twitter chats, and Voxer chats, and the list goes on and on…I love when my Professional Learning Network talks about making conference events better by making them more museum-like or when someone shares something with me they know I would love because it reflects a passion I have in arts integration or museum education or any of my many passions. It means they authentically know me as an educator and it means I have made a small impact by sharing what’s important to me. Win!

(Why did I have so many goals? Anyway…)

Goal 6: Inspire

See goal 2!

Goal 7: Lead Locally

I have to work on this. I have to do better at leveraging local connections. And…since I put it in writing it will happen because if I put it in writing I am committed to it!

Goal 8: Teach

Have I done this…for sure. Was I good at defining what that meant for me in July when I did the Lead Like a Tree activity? No. So this is one I need to work on unpacking and defining for myself what that really means.

Goal 9: Grow My Tribe

Thank goodness for my tribe, the ones that have been around for years and the ones I have only known for a short time. I am so appreciative of all they do each day to remind me how important it is to connect and grow and take risks. I have been reminded of that over the last few days.


Obviously still some work to do. But, 9 months after I put these goals into writing I am actively doing more than I thought I would be and I am incredibly proud of myself. Each of these goals required a bit of faith in myself and each required me to step out of my comfort zone.

I can’t wait to do this again in July for myself and compare my trees!

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