Thank Goodness for Blog Buddies-#BLOG365 Day 171

Thank goodness for blog buddies! I started off this journey with a group of other educators from around the country. You can check their blogs out here. The rest of the group is around day 200. I am about 30 days behind thanks to travel and holidays. Most of us are still going in one way or another. Even blogging more than we did before September 1, 2016 is an accomplishment. An accomplishment we all have to be reminded of from time to time.

The good thing about having blog buddies is that along with chatting and sharing insight via Voxer, I can also jump onto for inspiration any time I feel mine waning. Inevitably, one of their posts spurns me to thought and gets my writing flowing.

This weekend I get to catch up with some of blog buddies in person at the ASCD Empower Conference and I can’t wait! So expect me to produce some much more exciting posts next week. I will be carrying around a notebook to jot down ideas all weekend. Chatting with other educators will surely influence my writing.

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