Reawakening – #BLOG Day 170 #yoga


As with many yogis my favorite pose is shavasana, that moment of deep relaxation at the end of a practice. I never know how my body will respond in this pose and whether it will be difficult or easy to be still in those moments.

Yesterday I found a new reason to love shavasana, the reawakening at the end, the moment as I lay in the fetal position, reconnecting with the here and now.

It’s a restorative position, one in which you are meant to release anything that no longer serves you, negative emotions or bad habits.

There have been a handful of times when I authentically let go of something in that moment, never for it to return to my mind.

Yesterday, for me, it was more of a realization. I can’t tell you how many times I have heard a yoga instructor talk me through this pose, reminding a class full of students that this is a moment of rebirth and reawakening. Yesterday, those words resonated with me and I took them to heart.

I consciously chose to view a hurdle placed in front of me as a reawakening instead of a road block or a new path.

I chose to see it as a rebirth.

A chance to set out on a new path, a chance to do something different or kindle a different passion.

And I was ok with that. For the first time in a while. So I rose up from my yoga practice that day and emerged with a different mindset and a clearer head.

I have written so many times about change and iterations and the role this all plays in my life. Change is one thing. Reawakening is another.

Reawakening implies that you are renewed or more aware.

Thanks to yoga for reminding me of this.




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