Beginnings- #BLOG365 Day 116


I thought about doing a Year in Review blog post (it’s actually sitting in my drafts section). But, decided against it.

For me the new year is an opportunity to take note of beginnings, beginnings that have been a part of the last year, the ones that will continue on in 2017, and the beginnings I need to take note of every day, the ones that pop up out of nowhere and grow into middles and ends.

I am not a resolution person. Every day I make resolutions. I don’t need the new year to remind me. And almost every day I adjust those resolutions so I can reach my goals, because that’s what you should do with resolutions. They aren’t static. They shouldn’t have endings.

Honestly, the last year was pretty good to me and I was sad to see it go. I continued on in a new adventure in a new town with a new job and I finally found my footing with both in 2016. I traveled all over the country learning as a professional, getting my history on, and spending time with people that are important to me. I gained new friends and colleagues and a new support network.

I began my journey as an ASCD Emerging Leader. I began #BLOG365. I began the process of National Board renewal.

My son started middle school which meant I began my job as middle school mama and all that entails.

None of those beginnings are ending any time soon and I don’t want to see most of it end.

Tomorrow I go back to work after a long holiday break spent resting and traveling and antiquing (of course!).

Tomorrow I will be greeted by more new beginnings and I will make new resolutions for myself and my practice. Every day I will encounter challenges and circumstances beyond my control. Challenges and circumstances I hope I can cultivate into productive beginnings for both myself and those around me.

So, if there is any resolution I want to make it would be to pay more attentions to the beginnings around me each day and the promise they hold.




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