Any Idea Where I Can Get A… – #BLOG365 Day 85

An inhaler that can turn into a sword…

This is high on my son’s list for Christmas.


My little reader, the one who gets lost in his books, wants an inhaler that can turn into a sword just like Percy Jackson’s pen.

This isn’t the first time he has asked for a gift inspired by a book. In second grade he asked for Jack and Annie from the Magic Tree House series to be his brother and sister for Christmas. He also wanted a red backpack just like theirs. Santa had to write a note about why Jack and Annie couldn’t come live with him. The note was placed in the red backpack under the Christmas tree.


I love how pure my son’s heart is and how intensely he loves books and characters and stories. Just like me.

The recent remake of Anne of Green Gables has been on my mind for days. I remember when I was my son’s age reading this series. Pieces of those stories remain with me today and the lessons I learned from Anne of Green Gables are still at the core of who I am.

Part of me wishes I could fast forward to the future and see the pieces of the stories that will one day make up the core of who my son is. What characters will stay with him? What lessons will he keep close to his heart? Which books will he share with his children?

In the meantime, if someone could tell me where to find an inhaler that turns into a sword I would appreciate it!






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