Learning Never Exhausts the Mind – #BLOG365 Day 74


I saw this as the Thought of the Week on a school website today. Yes, learning energizes your mind and opens you up to new opportunities, new ideas, new perspectives. But, learning is exhausting. I think I disagree a bit with da Vinci. Learning makes me tired!

I have this amazing picture of my son on his first day of 2nd grade passed out at the dinner table over a plate of spaghetti. For little ones learning is exhausting and it’s pretty exhausting for us adults too.

I joke with my son that one day I want to have dreams that don’t involve work and work for me is learning, adjusting, and growing. I swear I strategize in my sleep. My problems of practice occupy my dreams.

During the day I walk around  my practice like its a 3d object in a museum.  All day long I am pushing myself to learn more and see things from different angles. Through that process I am learning.

Sorry da Vinci. I think I agree more with the memes that float around about teachers.

There is no tired like teacher tired.

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