Sometimes You Just Need to Reset – #BLOG Day 64



Yesterday was a rough day. My husband has been traveling for 2 weeks. My son had a camping trip and basketball try outs and it was Halloween. Last week was Homecoming so we had to dress up by theme each day (a.k.a. extra work for overworked mamas). Couple all that with some difficult conversations at work, facilitating teacher leader groups, curriculum mapping, etc. and I am feeling beat.

So…what do you do when you feel life catching up with you in a not so positive way?

You take a Sun Salutation…or 2…in your office. You reset with a few sequences and a chaturanga or two.

My co-worker walked over to find me in Downward Dog behind my desk. My bones cracked and creaked. I stretched and I went back to my day, my body and mind re energized. The blood flowing back into my mind so I could get through my day.

My son had an amazing fourth grade teacher. She made yoga a part of their daily classroom routine and I was so grateful for that. Our kids need to reset too and they can’t always articulate that. But, their need for re energizing is just as great as ours.

We all have different ways to reset. For some of us it’s a walk or a book or a moment in silence. Whatever it is, it’s important to take time to notice what your body and your spirit are telling you and take what you need when you need it. It’s important to keep in tune to the signs our students give us that they need to reset and be empowered.

Namaste! The light inside of me recognizes and honors the light inside of you.


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