That Time Your Kid Started a Blog -#BLOG365 Day 24

My son has an empathetic heart and big ideas about social issues and environmental protection. Last night we took a long walk around our town and he went on and on and on about everything that was wrong in the world and his plan to fix it all as an adult. He was feeling like he couldn’t do much as an 11 year-old to change the world, convinced he had to wait until he became an attorney and started a charity.

The kid has big plans!

We discussed he could make an impact in his own way now. I suggested he write down all his ideas so he could make sense of it all and begin to formulate a plan of action. He has been watching me blog every day for the last few weeks and asked if he could start one. Knowing about the importance of digital footprints in today’s world I was happy to help him begin. After spending some time researching kid’s blogs we came up with some ground rules for his posts and I helped him set up a site. He was quick to tell me he would not be blogging every day like me, but agreed that sometimes we could sit on the couch and blog together. Honestly, I am excited to have a blogging partner here in the house.

I am not sure where all this will go. I am cognizant that this may be a fad for a few weeks. But, I am proud of him and see this as a way for him to get some of his thoughts out and satisfy his need to be heard. Like any child he wants his opinions to be considered and too often he feels like he doesn’t have a platform beyond his dad and me. Blogging will give him a platform outside of our home.

He was so excited to wake up this morning and see that someone in Australia had read his first post. He also pointed out more people had viewed his blog post yesterday than mine.

I can’t wait to see what he writes about.

Check it out at:




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