I Could Make an Excuse, But… – #BLOG365 Day 273

Yeah, I know. I haven’t blogged in awhile. Well, not consistently.

I could make a million excuses about why. I kind of feel like a young student, crafting excuses about why I haven’t done an assignment or skipped school. I even feel a little guilty about it.

When I started #BLOG365 last September, I had no idea my year would roll out the way it has.

A few weeks ago I moved 900 miles. The first move for my little family outside of the state, away from family members. Our first foray in an apartment (with three rambunctious cats!). It was far more taxing mentally and physically than I expected it to be. Not in a negative way. Just taxing.

I felt the nagging of blogging occasionally, pulled my computer out to write, but I wasn’t quite ready to jump back in.

It is quite obvious I won’t finish #BLOG365 on schedule. But, I will keep writing until I get 365 blog posts.

I write this not to make an excuse, but as a reminder to educators. Sometimes our kiddo aren’t ready to jump in. Sometimes they are overwhelmed and worn out. Sometimes they aren’t ready to be on our timeline, or even their timeline. Sometimes they need a break. A restart. Sometimes we need to give them that restart.


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