100 to Go! – #BLOG365 Day 265

I am hitting the home stretch with #BLOG365. The 100 day home stretch. Seems like a lot of blog posts, but it’s a fraction of what I have done. Although I am behind (still!), I think I can knock it out and still complete #BLOG365 on time.

The other day George Couros posted this on Facebook:


Then followed up with a blog post about it.

If nothing else 265 days of blogging has taught me to let go when it comes to grammar and spelling and punctuation because blogging is more for me than for anyone else.

With 100 days left in my challenge I am beginning to consider what to do when #BLOG365 comes to an end. I am wondering if, when it is all said and done, I will feel guilty if I go a few days without blogging. I am wondering if I will be in search of a new reflection tool. I am quite certain I won’t give up blogging after #BLOG365. I don’t think I will post as often, but I will not be abandoning it. I also know that with the start of a new school year and a new role on the horizon I will have more fodder for my post content. I will also have new adventures to write about in a new part of the country.




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